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Awfully cheerful this morning~
Maybe it was my boyfriend’s especially affectionate attitude
Maybe it’s because this ia the first time I’ve had two days off inna row since June?
Or maybe it was the extra hour of sleep and weekend-ness? Who knows?

If something horrendous happens in this relationship as I’m kind of expecting, I don’t know if I should give up on this kind of person or my ideals.
What the fuck is wrong with me? X3

What if you got promoted? Also, is there a UPS around you? They’re PT but pay well and have great plans for benefits, tuition, etc.

Well, I actually did recently get promoted/x-trained x3  The pay is still cruddy, and I have to do a ton more work! I wouldn’t mind getting into a management position, and I’m sure if I really pushed for it, I could… but it’d really have to be at a different store which isn’t too likely.  If I got into a higher position, there’d be a lot of unhappy now-subordinates.

Could totally run that place better than some of the current people anyway.

And actually, yes! There’s a UPS right down the road from my current job! But I can’t really afford to reduce my hours right now unless the pay more-than-compensates for that xD

So, despite all these wonderful things going on in my life… I need to get a new job.

I’ve been employed with Target for about… going on 8 months now.  While this is the longest I’ve had a job (because my others were seasonal), it’s the least satisfying (and lowest paying) one I’ve had.  I’m doing as much, if not more, work than my supervisors, and probably for a fraction of the pay :/  Not too fond of this.

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